Layered Zirconia
China Digital Dental Lab provides services consisting of zirconia substructure that is also veneered with porcelain. Service provided by China Digital Dental Lab consists of Vigor and the accuracy of the mounting substructure ought not to be questioned because they are structured and pulverized on modernistic and newfangled CAD/CAM systems. China Digital Dental Lab provides very flexible zirconia for getting all its benefits. We provide layered zirconia that offers alternatives clearly for crowns, full-mouth restoration, bridges for both anterior and posterior regions of the mouth.

Here are some basic characteristics of layered zirconia:

1. Layered zirconia is applicable for bridges and anterior/posterior.
2. Layered zirconia produces a high level of aesthetic.
3. There will be no limit to the size of renewable designs.
4. It has metal-free remodeling.

How to work with US ?
We welcome digital files, please send your email at We will be so happy to serve you our services.

A.Write an order sheet, fill it up with detailed instructions for further enquiry.

B. Please make sure to prepare the items before sending the case

a. Order Form
b. Impression Tray for working model
c. Opposite model
d.Bite registration (if necessary)
e. Pls include all implant parts if the case is the implant.
then print your commercial invoice for customs and an air waybill ( provided by your
shipping courier company like FedEx )for shipping.

C. Inform us of the tracking number. We will pay for the shipping cost back to your office when
it reaches 600 $. If less than 600$, we’ll charge 35$ as shipping cost.

Turnaround Time
a.2-  3 days for PFM, Denture;
b. 4-5 days for two Combinations;
c. 7 days for Complicated;

Shipping Way: UPS (preferred), FedEx, DHL, Aramex, Linex are also available.
Payment:T/T, HSBC, PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union
Guarantee: 1 Year

For more information please contact:
Mobile/WhatsApp: +852 6941 6624
Mobile/WhatsApp: +86134 3049 8390