All on four


All – on- 4
China digital dental lab provides the rehabilitation of the entire edentulous jaw by attaching only four implants and fixing prosthesis on the surgery day, it’s a surgical procedure to implant all on four. Condition of being toothless either partial or complete toothless, and will be impactful on psychological as well as general health. from a good smile to chewing up the food properly, our teeth are so important for us. Infant’s teeth play a major role in pronouncing the words. The dentist places six implants in the lower jaw and eight implants in the upper jaw, it will also support the full-arch fixed prosthesis. Edentulism helps the patients to overcome their embarrassments while they eat, talk and smile in public. A complete edentulous jaw provides a solution to patients for dental implants. China digital dental lab offers you all four dental implants in a cost-effective way. our services are fast with moderate techniques.

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